3-D Man
Real Name
Delroy Garrett, Jr.
First Appearance
Avengers (vol. 3) #8 (September 1998)
Kurt Busiek, George Pérez
Team Affliations
Skrull Kill Krew, Secret Avengers, The Initiative, Point Men Avengers, Triune Understanding, Agents of Atlas
Base of Operations
currently unknown
Superhuman strength, speed, durability, senses, healing and endurance, Enhanced sight, hearing and smell, Seeing true forms
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Athletic Training
Tools and Weapons

Delroy Garrett Jr. (previously known as Triathlon) is the second superhero to be known as the 3-D Man in the Marvel Universe.


Delroy Garrett Jr. was a disgraced Olympic athlete who was discovered to be a steroid abuser. In his weakness, he joined the Triune Understanding cult and was given powers he thought were based on his unlocked human potential (only later would he learn that it was stolen from the former superhero the 3-D Man). He would go on to become the superhero Triathlon to help the Avengers prepare for a grave threat.



Delroy Garrett Jr.'s early life currently remains largely unknown, though it is known he was born in Philadelphia. During his youth, he trained as a track star and even became an Olympic champion. However, it was later revealed he took steroids to improve his muscles and performance and lost the three gold medals he already won. In his despair, he was found by the controversial movement known as the Triune Understanding and fell under the sway of its leader, Jonathan Tremont. Tremont was able to give Garrett, without his knowledge, the powers of a former superhero named the 3-D Man using one of three fragments of a mysterious object. Garrett convinced himself that these new powers came from attaining a higher form of enlightenment due to his time with the Triune Understanding and Jonathan Tremont did not reveal otherwise.


With his new powers and desire to do good, Delroy Garrett took on the name Triathlon and acted as both a superhero and a spokesman for the Triune Understanding. An early adventure had him rescuing the superhero team the Avengers from the villain Moses Magnum at the JFK Airport and later helped them against the villains Pagan and Lord Templar, who were attacking the Triune Understanding headquarters. Tremont then created a smear campaign against the Avengers in order to coerce them into letting Triathlon join the team as an Avenger.

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