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ABC Universe


WildStorm, DC Comics
Notable Characters
Tom Strong, Promethea, Top Ten, Grey Shirt
First Appearance
Tom Strong #1 (June, 1999) [League of Extraordinary Gentlemen appeared earlier from ABC but was separate from the ABC Universe]

The ABC Universe is a continuity of the comic imprint America's Best Comics, featuring a number of comic series created by Alan Moore.


It may be hard to exactly trace the history of the ABC Universe, but one of the most significant events was the creation of Promethea, in which a young girl was transformed into a living story, who would survive through other people for millenia. Later, on 1900, Tom Strong was born to his parents looking to create the perfect human, raising him on the island on Attabar Neru to become strong, intelligent, and resourceful. When he reached a certain age, he moved to Millenium City and became an adventurer/inventor who had a great impact on the world.

In the 1930's, as Tom Strong was making a name for himself, the population of science heroes began to grow immensely. After World War II, society was worried about where to put the heroes, villains, and other extra-normal entities, so a city was built by the top scientific minds of the time.  The city was called Neopolis and all who were allowed to enter would be given amnesty.