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Abe Sapien

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Real Name
Langdon Everett Caul
First Appearance
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1 (Mar, 1994)
Mike Mignola
Team Affiliations
Brother Blue, Fishstick, Waterfisher, King Ocean
Base of Operations
B.P.R.D. headquarters
Underwater breathing, Psychometry, Telepathy, aquatically adapted physiology
Skills and Abilities
Genius-level intelligence, Excellent Marksmanship, formidable hand-to-hand combatant

Abe Sapien is a superhero in the Hellboy comic series and its spin-offs.


Abe is a humanoid amphibious man, discovered in a Washington DC basement in November of 1978. Abe has been with the Bureau ever since, performing as a field agent as he endeavors to discover the truth about his identity. In November, 1978, a comatose, amphibious man was found inside a water-filled capsule within a long-lost chamber beneath the St. Trinian’s Hospital. Found by a group of plumbers, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense quickly intercepted the creature, and nicknamed it “Abraham Sapien,” in reference to the scrap of paper written on his tube: April 14th 1865; the date of President Abraham Lincoln’s death.

Unresponsive for weeks, it wasn't until B.P.R.D. scientist experimented with shocking him did he awake. However it appears that Abe was at least somewhat aware of what was going on, as he has memories of overhearing one of the scientists debating whether or not to give up trying to revive him and just skip to dissection.

1981, although still not an official agent, Abe joined a small group of agents on his first mission without Hellboy -- his first mission since Hellboy's departure in 1979. The seemingly simple assignment was to investigate a shipwreck off the coast of Spain, but the expedition was a disaster, resulting in three agents dead and many civilians before Abe was able to fend off the evil spirit that had emerged from the ship. But Abe proved himself in the eyes of Bruttenholm and was made a full field agent that March.


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equipment and power[]

Can breathe underwater, superior swimming abilities and needs a tube filled with water around his gills to survive, has gills