Hulking healing from a grave injury.

Accelerated Healing (also called enhanced healing and accelerated or enhanced healing factor) is a super power to heal oneself at a rate higher than the average human being.  Though the body is capable of healing itself, accelerated healing allows healing at a much faster rate, and in many cases allows the possessor of such a power to heal wounds that wouldn't completely heal or could even be fatal.

Accelerated healing in superhero fiction[edit | edit source]

As a super power, the power to heal from dangerous wounds was not often directly addressed, though some heroes seem to more quickly than others.  Though the level of this can vary greatly: some super-powered heroes can heal faster than the average human from smaller injuries, but that still might take time, while others might heal within moments of a monumental or otherwise fatal injury.

Though some heroes have noticable vitality, the first prominent superhero with the ability to heal himself was Wolverine, a Canadian mutant who appeared in Marvel comics.

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