Real Name
First Appearance
Micronauts (Vol. 1) #1 (January, 1979)
Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden
Team Affliation
King Acroyear
Base of Operations
Mobile (within the Microverse)
Enhanced Strength
Skills and Abilities
Combat Experience
Tools and Weapons
Energy Sword, Proton Cannon, Armor with Anti-Gravity Wings

Acroyear was a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Micronauts.


The crown prince of the planet Spartak, Acroyear became a pariah after his brother brainwashed his people against him. Soon, Acroyear joined the Micronauts to help fight against the cosmic villain Baron Karza.


Early LifeEdit

Acroyear was born to be the crown prince of the Acroyear people that live on the planet Spartak in the Microverse, a subatomic universe within our own. On the day of his birth, The Herald Comet flew over Spartak, which people took as a signal of the birth of the planet's new ruler. Later, it was revealed that the comet in question was in fact the Micronauts member Time Traveler. As a youth he has fallen in love with the woman Megale, only to be denied by his father, who had arranged for him to marry the Lady Cilicia. Neither were in favor of the union, but both Cilicia and Acroyear accepted that it would be for the good of the planet.

Acroyear ended up on the battlefield, leading a war fleet against the Black Fleet to protect the planet Ecbatan along aside Illyrie, his second-in-command whom he had strong feelings toward.  However, the pair uncovered a bizarre plot by Laios, the ruler of the planet Ecbatan, that they were honor-bound not to interfere with despite their awareness about how wrong it was.  Laios later murdered Illyrie, which allowed Acroyear to take revenge, though the loss took a big toll on Acroyear.

Though Acroyear was meant to rule, the planet was under the thrall of Baron Karza, who used Acroyear's treacherous brother Shaitan to brainwash the people of his world.  Only Acroyear was able to overcome the brainwashing and was pursued by Karza's Dog Soliders.  Acroyear was captured by Shaitan but was soon rescued by the creature known as Bug.  Acroyear and Bug became fast friends but were soon recaptured by Shaitan.

The two were forced into gladitorial games of death, where Acroyear recieved an energy sword and they also met Mari, who would go onto become their friend and ally.

Joining the MicronautsEdit

Eventually, Acroyear decided that for the good of the Microverse, he needed to defeat Karza and he needed to sacrifice the Worldmind to do it, which made Spartak incapable of supporting life. After this event, Acroyear was branded a traitor by his own people, cast out and replaced as regent by his bond mate (a position similar to wife) Lady Cilicia. Vowing to redeem himself, Acroyear traveled with the Micronauts, a group of outcast superheroes travelling the Microverse.

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