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Adam is a common name, usually masculine, famously used by the Biblical figure who in the Judeo-Christian religion was the first human man.

Adam is the name of various characters in superhero fiction.

Adam as full name[edit | edit source]

DC Comics[edit | edit source]

  • Adam, the biblical character from the Judeo-Christian religion, is said to have existed in some capacity in theDC Universe and sired Cain and Abel, who figures who became paranormal story-tellers.
  • Adam is also the name of a member of the Green Lantern Corps capable of self-ressurection.
  • Adam is also the name of an evil clone of the superhero the Guardian.

America's Best Comics[edit | edit source]

  • Adam the Ape is the name of an ally of the superhero Tom Strong.

Adam as given name, surname or as part of pseudonym[edit | edit source]

The following are characters who have Adam as part of their name.

DC Comics[edit | edit source]

  • Adam Strange is a superhero in the DC Universe, an Earthling transferred to a distant planet to become its champion.
  • For a time, the legendary wizard Merlin took on the name Adam One.
  • Adam Blake is the birthname of the superhero Captain Comet.
  • Teth-Adam or Black Adam, an enemy of Captain Marvel.
  • In the DC Multiverse, Adam Thompson is the superhero known as the Atom.
  • In the mini-series JLA: Created Equal, Adam Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane.
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