The character Alan Scott started out as a character from an alternate Earth called Earth-2, but then when that storyline was taken and the following storyline was put there was a time when Earth was protected by an alien green lantern called Yalan Gurr, he was dead on the planet and mystical energy found in space was thrown on Earth by the guardians of the universe. The green enegia and the damaged ring collided in the fall and years later Alan Scott found a railway lantern that had a green light and it revealed to be the energy that calls itself Starheart, and gave him a ring that made the image of what you found with the same being the same in operation, even having the need for recharging made by the railway lantern, an oath having to be said on the spot, but also some more powers for being mystical and not technological. When it met the group of lanterns an honorary green lantern was named.

Media[edit | edit source]

The plot of Yalan Gurr was alluded to by the Justice League film. The character Alan Scott appears in the cartoon Batman: TBAB, and in some video games like Justice League Heroes and DC Universe Online. (In the new DC Super Friends comics it was placed with the green lanterns symbol instead of its railroad lantern for the children's audience not to be surprised by the different clothes, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner who also wear clothes with alterations were placed in the story for the public not to be surprised). Alan Scott appears in the DC Universe series Stargirl. He appears as a member of the Justice Society of America before the team was attacked and killed by the Injustice Society.

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