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Albert & Elsie-Dee

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Real Names
Albert, Elsie-Dee
First Appearance
Wolverine (Vol. 2) #37 (March, 1991)
Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri
Team Affliations
The Reavers
Albert Wright (Albert)
Base of Operations
currently unknown
Superhuman computational, analytical, creative reasoning and strength [both]
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience and Programming
Claws [Albert]

Albert and Elsie-Dee are a pair of robots in the Marvel Universe who began as pawns of the villainous Donald Pierce before breaking free and becoming allies of Wolverine.


Created by evil genius Donald Pierce, Albert and Elsie-Dee were created to kill the superhero Wolverine, before rebelling and becoming his allies.


Both Albert and Elsie-Dee were robots created by the supervillain Donald Pierce, a member of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle.  They wre designed as his pawns in part of a trap that Donald might be able to finally kill Wolverine.  Specifically, Elsie-Dee was a designed with a bomb so that she would explode and killed Wolverine if he tried to save what would look to be an innocent little girl.

What Peirce hadn't counted on was that she was built with a "maximum logic" circuit, which gave her true sentience and a sense of self-preservation.  She then reprogrammed Albert so that he too was no longer interested in trying to kill Wolverine.