The Albino is a powerful being who works his way through the ranks of the Techno Guild with the aid of his pet squirrel Tinigrifi.  He does this so he can write a game through which he can recruit a group of people he will take to another galaxy, where he intends to bring them to a new world, where they will build a new civilization based on love and trust, not a reliance on technology. He is the son of Panepha, a former priestess, and his biological father is both human and the pirate leader; his conception was caused by Saint Severo de Loyola, a mutate endowed with cosmic consciousness by the alien serpents called the Ophidians who later incarnates himself within the Albino.

Character History[edit | edit source]

The Albino is one of three triplets born to a priestess, Panepha, who had been raped by the leaders of a band of pirates.  She sends him to a school sponsored by the techno Guild, so that he can change the Guild from within.  Over the years, he works his way up to the full rank of Technopriest, but his real aspirations are much higher - for only as the cult leader can he actually bring his dream of a peaceful new world about.  He finally does this by using his powers to transform himself into a giant white snake - an ophidian - and battling the other laras on a distant planet.  Eventually he succeeds in bringing his colonists to their new home, only to be trapped on board ship when the world rejects him.  Incarnating himself within Tinigrifi, he becomes Tinalban and joins the others on their new home world.

References[edit | edit source]

The Technopriests (graphic novel, 2 volumes), 2004

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