All Might

All Might

Real Name
Toshinori Yagi
First Appearance
My Hero Academia, Chapter One (July, 2014)
Kōhei Horikoshi
Team Affiliations
The Hideout Raid Team
Symbol of Peace
Base of Operations
One for All
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Toshinori Yagi, more often known as his alias All Might, is a superhero who appears in the manga and anime series My Hero Academia and is considered the #1 hero in the world.


The only QuirkLess student at a school for super-Full children, Toshinori Yagi was given a power that allowed him to become a powerful superhero by his teacher. Taking the power of all those who inherited his power before him, he gained fantastic strength and worked to fight evil as the world's #1 hero All Might.


The specifics off Toshinori Yagi's early years and birthplace remain unknown.  Toshinori was a young high school student at U.A. High, without any powers of his own. However, a teacher, Nana Shimura, saw great potential in him, and revealed that she had a special power called One For All that could be passed on from person to person, with each bearer acting as the protector of the world. All Might inherited the Quirk from her shortly before her untimely death, her close friend Gran Torino trained Toshinori to be a hero.

All Might very quickly learned how to control all of One For All's power, and swiftly started making headlines, eventually becoming and remaining the number one hero in the world until his retirement. His seeming invincibility paired along with his personality earned him the title "The Symbol of Peace and Justice"

However, a battle with a powerful and ancient supervillain known as All For One changed things. While All Might thought he had killed All For One, he was left with a grievous wound that had destroyed much of his digestive and respiratory system, leaving him only able to do hero work for three hours a day. Applying as a teacher at U.A. High School to find a successor, he found one in Izuku Midoriya, another quirkless boy who had great spirit and intelligence.

Passing his power on, he would use the residual leftovers in three more major battles: one to defeat a group of villains who attacked U.A. to kill him and his students, as the obstacle in the first-year practical exam finals for the in-training heroes, and to once again fight and defeat All For One in a rescue operation. After this last fight, his residual power was used up, and he could no longer use his Hero Form, ending his career as the World's Greatest Hero, though he would continue to mentor the rapidly growing Izuku Midoriya.

Appearance Edit

All Might has two forms: one when he is using his power, and his true form when he is not. His Hero Form is large and very muscular, with smooth blonde hair, with two bangs that stand up straight. In his true form, he is small, scrawny, with a very thin face and disheveled hair. In both forms however, he has bright blue eyes and black scleras.

Personality Edit

Like his physical appearance, All Might often takes on two different personas. His hero side is always smiling and confident with a larger-than-life personality, in order to reassure those he is protecting. In his true form, he no longer needs to keep up such excessive confidence, though he is always optimistic and fiercely dedicated to helping others.


One For All - All Might, like most of the population in My Hero Academia, possesses a special power called a Quirk. However, his is unique in that it is one that was given to him. This Quirk is called One For All, and it was created when the villain All For One forcibly gave his weak, but defiant brother a stockpiling quirk that mutated and merged with the brother's latent transfer quirk. Each user of One For All grows the power of the quirk through their training and heroism, then passes the torch along to another user with the goal of creating guardians of the world who can uphold peace, and foil the plans of All For One. All Might is the eighth holder of this quirk, and the most powerful by far.

When activated, All Might's muscles bulk up immensely and he turns into his Hero Form. At a normal constant state of 100%, his strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and endurance skyrocket to near god-like levels, with a single punch from him being capable of creating a wind blast that levels a city block and changes the weather. He's been seen to instantly take down a large group of villains in the blink of an eye, and was even able to overwhelm an artificial human possessing shock absorption and super regeneration quirks, that was designed to counter him. All Might has never been known to have lost a real fight or fail to save a civilian that he tried to save, though on rare occasions he has had help.

Weaknesses Edit

Prior to his first battle with All For One, All Might had no weaknesses in his Hero Form. However, following his injury, All Might had a time limit on how long he could use his quirk per day without it straining his body. Initially it was three hours, and it was later reduced to one hour. Going over the time limit meant he would forcibly revert back into his true form, and often suffer the side effects of his wound, such as frequent bleeding and exhaustion. However, when in his Hero Form during his time frame, he still did not have a major weakness, although he was past his prime.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

- All Might will appear in the upcoming video game My Hero One's Justice (also called My Hero Academia: One's Justice).

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