Amalgam Universe

Amalgam Universe

DC Comics, Marvel Comics
Notable Characters
Super Soldier, Dark Claw, Iron Lantern
First Appearance
Marvel Vs. DC #3 (April, 1996)

The Amalgam Universe was a temporary comic book universe created by the merging of the DC and Marvel Universes in the Marvel Vs DC/DC Vs. Marvel mini-series.


The Amalgam Universe was created when a war between two universes, started by those world's avatar entities, ended with a merging between the two. When this universe was created, the inhabitants merged with one another and their histories were rewritten to accomodate the new situation.

The exact details of its history remain sketchy save for that widespread public knowledge of the existance of superbeings began during the second World War with the arrival of the Super Soldier. Eventually, more heroes would emerge, such as Dark Claw, Amazon, and the Iron Lantern.

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