Amazo is an android in the DC Universe created as an enemy of the Justice League by Gardener Fox. In the comics, the character starts out being a robot where the villain Professor Ivo, put the powers of the members with powers of the justice league (and that includes the green lantern), and when it was all over he came back as a robot that can copy all the powers and superhero equipment. The adaptations of DC comics tend to weaken this power, in the cartoon "Justice League", he couldn't copy the Wonder Woman's tie or Batman's utility belt as he can in the comics, in Young Justice and Justice League Action, I couldn’t copy her bracelets either, it seemed that with equipment I could only copy the ring of the green lantern (In the Arrowverse series, he was created specifically for metahumans). And that extended to the comics, in New 52 he can copy the powers of the green lantern without copying the ring, but he cannot copy any other object or anything.

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