Real Name
No information
First Appearance
October, 1946 (publication name and issue number needed)
Cesare Solini, Antonio Canale
Team Affiliations
No information
II Gigante Mascherato, Kilroy (name in Sweden)
Base of Operations
No information
No information
Skills and Abilities
No information

Amok is an Italian superhero who appeared in the comic book of the same name.

Origin[edit | edit source]

After his wife was kidnapped in the Burmese jungle by the villain Scorpio, Amok dawned a mask and armor and started fighting criminals in the jungle.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The secrets of Amok's youth and true name remain unknown save that he was born on an Indonesian island, raised in the jungle.  When the villain Scorpio kidnapped his wife, a large giant of a man donned a mask and referred to himself as Amok, hellbent on rescuing his lover.  Aiding him on his quest was Kyo, a jungle panther loyal to him, and Bill Davidson, a brave journalist.

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