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Real Name
Aiden Gillespie
First Appearance
Avengers Arena #1 (December, 2012)
Dennis Hopeless, Kev Walker
Team Affliations
Broddock Academy, Masters of Evil (formerly)
Axe Bro, Big Red
Base of Operations
The Braddock Academy
Transformation, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhumanly Dense Tissue, Superhuman Durability, Regenerative Healing Factor, Superhuman Longevity
Skills and Abilities
Natural Fighting Prowess
Tools and Weapons

Anachronism (Aiden Gillispie) is a teen superhero who is a member of the Avengers Undercover and was a participant in the Avengers Arena in the Marvel Universe.


Once a video game loving teen, Aiden Gillispie one day was given the body of a supernatural Celtic warlord.


Aiden Gillispie was raised by his mother Mhairi and father Lorne in Aviemore, Scotland until his mother left them both.  As he grew up, he became an avid gamer, with a weak, overweight body.  For reasons he never learn, he one day gained the body of an immortal Celtic warlord/God.  Due to his newfound power, he was enrolled in the Braddock Academy, a school for young superheroes, founded by the superhero Captain Britain.  There he became good friends with Cullen Bloodstone, son of the famous monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone.  Cullen actually became attracted to him (a fact Aiden was oblivious to) and even revealed to Aiden a dark secret: that his power came from a demonic parasite kept in check by a special ring.

Despite Aiden's newfound strength and power, he still suffered from low-self esteem, which caused him to be the target of a school bully, the fellow superhero-in-training Kid Briton.  Later, he inadvertently came across Kid Briton having an affair with fellow Braddock Academy member Nara, despite Briton seeing Braddock Academy member Apex at the time.  When Kid Briton threatened him, he turned into the warlord and found himself unable to change back and found himself having to fight the urges of the warlord.

Nara, a student originating from Atlantis, soon became attracted to Aiden in his new body, much to the ire of Kid Briton and the annoyance of Aiden, who was much more concerned about fighting his urges and returning to his original form.

Murder World[]

On Christmas Eve, the Braddock Academy students, along with eleven other teen heroes, were kidnapped by the insane assassin/supervillain Arcade.  Many of the heroes attacked Arcade but found themselves unable to defeat him.