Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett

Real Name
Lord Andrew Bennett
First Appearance
House of Mystery #290 (March, 1981)
J. M. DeMatteis, Tom Sutton
Team Affliation
Justice League Dark
Base of Operations
Vampiric powers in including supernatural strength and speed, shapeshifiting into mist, bat, or wolf, hypnosis.
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Andrew Bennett is a vampire and antihero in the DC Universe and the star of the I... Vampire series that originally appeared in the comic book House of Mystery and later in his own comic series I, Vampire.


When Lord Andrew Bennett was bitten by a vampire, he tried to control his bloodlust by locking himself in his room. When his love convinced him to turn her into a vampire so they could stay together, Bennett was shocked when she became an evil monster and dedicated himself to ridding the world of her and any vampire that gets in his way.


A noble by birth, little is known about the childhood of Andrew Bennett. In 1591, he was a nobleman in the court of Queen Elizabeth who was well regarded due to his participation and success in the Anglo-Spanish war as a soldier. Andrew and the Queen's handmaiden, Mary Steward, became lovers who cared for each other deeply. During a night-ride, Andrew was attacked and bitten by a vampire, which Andrew managed to kill. The bite turned Andrew into a vampire himself and Andrew chose to remain in his bedroom, feeding only on the blood of animals. Eventually Mary discovered Andrews affliction and asked him to transform her as well, so they can be together forever, to which Andrew reluctantly agreed.

However, when Andrew did turn Mary into a vampire, she became much more cruel and vicious than Andrew, showing no hesitation nor reluctance to kill humans.  This causes a rift between the two and they seperated, with Mary gaining the name Queen of Blood and beginning the vampire Cult of the Blood Red Moon.

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