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Real Name
Warren Worthington III
First Appearance
X-Men (Vol. 1) #1 (September, 1963)
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Team Affliations
X-Men, X-Force, X-Club, Mutantes Sans Frontières, X-Factor, Renegades, Champions, Defenders/Secret Defenders, Hellfire Club, Horsemen of Apocalypse, X-Terminators, Worthington Industries, Cheyarafim
Avenging Angel, Archangel, Dark Angel, Death
Base of Operations
Salem Centre, New York
Flight, Enhanced strength, Aerial adaptation, Peak physical attributes, Metal wings for flight, speed, and projection of razor sharp feathers (as Archangel), Healing factor
Skills and Abilities
Experience in managing company and fortune
Tools and Weapons
Occasionally uses projectile weapons

Angel (Warren Worthington III) is a mutant superhero in the Marvel Universe and a founding member of The X-Men and X-Factor. For a time, he also took on the identity of Archangel after being manipulated by the villain Apocalypse.


Raised by wealthy parents, Warren Worthington III discovered one day that he had bird-like wings. He was later approached by Professor Charles Xavier, a teacher who had created a school for mutants. After joining the school, the students also formed a team of superheroes (the X-Men) to use their powers for good.


Early Years[]

Warren Worthington III was born in Centreport, New York to extremely wealthy parents (Warren K. Worthington, Jr. and his wife Kathyrin). His parents enrolled him in various boarding schools, such as the Fairburns Boys School, The Philips Academy and the East Coast Boarding School, where he befriended Cameron Hodge after defending him from a bully. During this time, he learned that he had wings on his back, that he hid from both his parents and the other students for fear of persecution. However, over time Warren realized that he could use his powers to help people and when a fire started in his dormatory, he used costumes from the drama department to save people inside as "an angel".

Afterwards, Warren continued to help people as a self-styled superhero known as the Avenging Angel for a time. News of the Avenging Angel caught the attention of Professor Charles Xavier who correctly suspected that the "Angel" in question was a mutant. While Warren was attempting to thwart the theft of a vial (which contained a miniature nuclear bomb), he mistook Iceman and Cyclops, who were trying to stop the theft, for the real thieves. After a fight, the three worked together and defeated the real criminals and Warren was invited to join the X-Men as Angel.

Original X-Men[]

Warren Worthington III then joined the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters where he was taught by Prof. Xavier and trained as an X-Man in the Danger Room, a space designed to practice combat. He soon took on the name Angel and began fighting along side his teammates for mutant rights and against mutants who would abuse their power such as Magneto, the Blob and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Over time, Angel also developed a crush on team member Jean Grey, though she eventually fell for Scott Summers. Soon, he falls for another girl, Candy Southern, and the two began a long romantic relationship. Later, after an adventure involving Red Raven and the Avengers, Warren and the rest of the X-Men returned to the mansion only to find FBI Agent Fred Duncan waiting for them to tell them that the X-Men must disband.

With the X-Men forced to disband, Warren was sent to live with his parents but continued to fight crime (in disguise) in his spare time and see his Candy. After a date with Candy, Warren returned home only to find that his father was murdered by men who were working for a villain named Dazzler. Warren blamed himself for not paying enough attention to his father and soon Candy was kidnapped by the Dazzler, spurring Warren into action. Warren defeated the Dazzler, unmasking him to discover that it was his uncle, Burt, who was the deadly criminal and was secretly using Warren industries for the purposes of diamond smuggling. Burt seemingly died soon after (accidentally falling from a great height) and Warren rejoined the X-Men soon after.

Upon his return, the team battled Sauron, a pterodactyl-like creature capable of hypnotism and Angel was put out of commission by Sauron's hypnosis powers. When Angel recovered, he found the X-Men left him behind to follow Sauron into the Savage Land, a tropical jungle hidden in the antarctic, and while attempting to catch up, Angel was attacked by flying dinosaurs that live there. Near death, Angel was rescued by the mysterious Creator and using advanced medical technology saved him and restored him to full health. The Angel made the Creator's acquaintance and believed him to be an ally, even wearing a new costume the Creator designed for him. Soon after Angel learned that the Creator was actually Magneto, whom none of the X-Men had seen without his disguise and he helped the X-Men defeat him with the help of Savage Land native Ka-Zar.

Later, Angel would discover that his uncle Burtram (The Dazzler) was still alive and was plotting to steal his family fortune. Angel, Candy and the X-Men defeated the Dazzler yet again, but not before the Dazzler and Warren's childhood doctor poisoned his mother, who died in his arms.

Angel remained on the team for a time longer until the team was captured by the being known as Krakoa, a living island who intended on using them as a source of food. Days later, Angel and the other X-Men were rescued by a newly created X-Men team designed to deal with the crisis and the two teams allied with each other to defeat Krakoa for good. After the mission, most of the original X-Men left the team, Warren included.

The Champions[]

Following his departure from the X-Men, Warren took his identity as a mutant and X-Man public and started attending college in Los Angeles. Around this time, he also finally inherited his parents' wealth (which was considerable) and used the money to create his own school for mutants, the Phillips Academy. One day he met up with his old team mate Bobby Drake and by coincidence were attacked by evil harpies hunting down the goddess Venus, who was hiding on Earth. Soon they ended up meeting with other heroes who ended up helping them fight the harpies: Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and Hercules. It turned out to be part of a plot by Pluto, god of the underworld, and the group of disparate heroes worked together to defeat him. Afterwards, the heroes decided to remain a team with Warren bankrolling the group and providing them with surplus Quinjets (renamed Champjets). After a few adventures, the team disbanded with the members going their seperate ways with Angel moving to Colorado with Candy.

Team Ups[]

When Bobby Drake and his girlfriend Terri were visiting Warren's mansion (a ski cabin-style mansion called Angel's Aerie) when they were attacked by the Sentinel robot known as Master Mold. Bobby was captured and Warren chased after him as soon as he found out, where he encountered the Hulk, who was also looking to battle Master Mold. Though both the Hulk and Warren were captured, the Hulk broke free and defeated Master Mold. Later, Warren and Ben Grimm were both kidnapped by the villain Toad, who plotted to make his name as an assassin by killing the two in a deathtrap laden castle. After the two defeated him, Warren convinced him to use his ingenuity for good and helped him convert the death trap into an amusement park: Toadland.

When Warren learned that the X-Men needed help battling the secret society of aristocrats known as the Hellfire Club, he used his connections to get the X-Men invited to one of their parties. During the party, the villain and Hellfire Club member Jason Wyngarde (in actuality, the former X-Men villain Mastermind) used his illusionary powers to manipulate Jean Grey (who held the power of the Phoenix at the time) to become the Hellfire Club's "Black Queen".  Mastermind soon lost control of Jean after he corrupted the Phoenix entity, causing it to go mad, fly into space and destroy an entire solar system.  Though the X-Men were able to quell the Dark Phoenix within her, Jean was put on trial for her cosmic crime by the alien empire known as the Shi'ar and she was given the opportunity to avoid a death sentence if the X-Men agreed to trial by combat against the Shi'ar's Imperial Guard.

Archangel shooting knives out of his wings.

TV shows[]

X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men cartoon series


White wings that let him fly, Healing factor.

When Archangel, he has indestructible wings, and they shoot dagger-like feathers.