Angel Marvel.png

Real Name
Thomas Halloway
First Appearance
Marvel Comics #1 (October, 1939)
Paul Gustavson, writer unknown
Team Affiliations
All-Winners Squad, V-Battalion, Scourges of the Underworld
Base of Operations
New York City
Flight (via magic cape)
Skills and Abilities
Excellent acrobat and hand to hand combatant, Accomplished disguise artist, occult scholar and pilot, Skilled detective, Use of knives and other weapons
Magic Cape

Angel (Thomas Halloway) is a superhero in the 1940s in the Marvel Universe.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Raised in a prison by his father, a warden, Thomas Halloway was taught many skills by various inmates and gained unique insight into the criminal underworld, which he used to fight crime as the Angel.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Thomas Halloway was born in the late 1870s to his father and mother (names unknown) and was raised with his brother Simon.

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