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Angela Petrelli


Real Name
Angela Petrelli
First Appearance
Heroes, "Genesis"
Tim Kring
Team Affliation
The Company
Base of Operations
New York City
Skills and Abilities
Leadership Experience
Tools and Weapons

Angela Petrelli is a character in the TV series Heroes and is the mother of Peter and Nathan Petrelli.

She is played by Christine Rose and by Alexa Nikolas in flashback.


After being taken away to an isolated camp for superpowered people, Angela Petrelli dedicated her powers to protecting those with powers from those who would take advantage of them.


Though her birth parents and early years remain unknown, it is known that Angela (last name unknown) was one of several young people with powers who were taken by the government to be studied in an isolated desert camp due to her possession of superpowers.  In 1961, Angela, along with her sister Alice, where taken to the camp Coyote Sands, where she met the young men known as Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman and Bobby Bishop among other super-powered individuals.  When Alice, who was also powered, accidentally used her powers to cause a large storm, the government agents reacted by killing every superpowered individual on-site, fearing the raw destructive force of their powers.  The children escaped and vowed to work together and use their powers to help other people with powers.

When Daniel Linderman went to war, he met another soldier named Arthur Petrelli, who would turn out to also have super-powers. Arthur, Angela, Linderman, Deveaux and Bobby founded the Company, an organization with the mission of protecting and guiding those with powers.