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Real Name
Andrew Pulaski
First Appearance
Stormwatch (Vol. 2) #4 (February, 1998)
Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch
Team Affliations
The Authority, Stormwatch
Sun King
Base of Operations
The Carrier
Solar-based being capable of absorbing solar energy and converting it into immense physical strength and speed, nigh-invulnerability, flight, and release blasts of laser-like heat vision through his eyes
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Apollo is a superhero member of the Authority in the WildStorm Universe.


A former U.S. soldier Andrew Pulaski was bioengineered with sun based powers and eventually went rogue as the superhero Apollo.


Andrew Pulaski's past remains largely unknown.  Andrew was a U.S. Soldier and eventually the leader of a black ops team for the peacekeeping organization Stormwatch that only the Weatherman, Stormwatch's leader, knew about.  He was biogenetically re-engineered with amazing super-powers such as super-strength, heat vision, super endurance and flight, all gained from absorbing sunlight.

Apollo was put into a group of six other superhuman agents known as Stormwatch Zero, and met and fell in love with one of these members named Midnighter. The two soldiers trusted in each other and were the only survivors of the group, who died during a dangerous mission.  Realizing that the Weatherman was not to be trusted, they went rogue, fighting in secret for five years for a better world.

During this time, Bendix's was overthrown as the Weatherman and Stormwatch member Synergy learned of Apollo and Midnighter's existence from Bendix old files and new Stormwatch leader, Jackson King ordered that the two be investigated to verify whether the two could be allies or threats. Eventually, Apollo and Midnighter were tracked to a weapons development facilty called the Nevada Garden. Two Stormwatch agents had the duo teleported to SkyWatch and Apollo and Midnighter, believing Stormwatch was still working for Bendix, attacked the team.  After realizing that Stormwatch were their allies, they worked together to shut down the Nevada Garden.  Jackson King then went onto ensure that the two men could live peaceful lives away from Stormwatch, no longer hunted.

Some time later, following the end of the Stormwatch superhero team, superhero Jenny Sparks convinced Apollo and Midnighter to join her new superhero team, The Authority. The two agreed, with Apollo becoming the team's physical powerhouse.  In his first mission, he and the Authority defeated the madman Kaizen Gamorra and his superhuman army, seemingly killing him.  The Authority also battled a battle against a multiuniversal empire and a god-like entity, the latter which cost Sparks her life.

Sparks was the living embodiment of the twentieth century, and on January 1st, 2000, her spirit was reincarnated in an infant in Singapore.  A team of superhumans, the Americans, were sent to kill her, forcing the Authority to track her down and protect her.  Apollo was at one pointed defeated and as a show of dominance and cruelty, was raped by the Commander, the Americans' leader. Apollo was avenged by Midnighter while Apollo himself helped to defeat the Americans with the rest of the team. The Authority then battled a renegade Earth shaman who stole the powers of teammate the Doctor and after defusing the crisis he created, Apollo killed the villain himself.

Eventually, the governments of the world were growing anxious with the Authority's goals threatening their power base and decided to destroy the team.