Aqualad Jackson Hyde 0004

Real Name
Jackson Hyde
First Appearance
Brightest Day #4 (June, 2010)
Geoff Johns [comics], Ivan Reis [comics], Greg Weisman [animation], Brandon Vietti [animation], Phil Bourassa [animation], Robert Bernstein [original Aqualad], Ramona Fradon [original Aqualad]
Team Affliations
Teen Titans, Young Justice [animation]
Base of Operations
Superhuman strength, Adapted to underwater environments, can swim at superhuman speed levels, hydrokinesis, bio-electric energy blasts, Hydro swords that can shift into a shield and various weapons
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience, Leadership Skills
Tools and Weapons
Swords and Shields made of water

Kaldur'ahm was the second character to take on the role of Aqualad in the DC Universe, shortly after Aquaman had returned from the dead following the Blackest Night.


Experimented on as an infant by the people of the dimension Xebel, Kaldur'ahm (known to most as Jackson Hyde) was brought back to Earth where as a teen he would learn his abilities to control water and his heritage. He would later use his powers as the hero Aqualad.


Kaldur'ahm was born a resident of the dimension Xebel, which was the home to former Atlanteans who tried to rebel against Atlantis and as punishment were exiled Xebel. Two humans, one named David and another unnamed, from Earth where accidentally sent to Xebel while exploring the Bermuda Triangle and were soon imprisoned and tortured. As prisoners, the two eventually had a child that was taken away from them and named Kaldur'ahm by the people of Xebel. As an infant, Kaldur'ahm was experimented upon, to give him abilities above those of normal Atlanteans in an attempt by the king of Xebel to open up a gateway out of Xebel.

Mera, a resident of Xebel, feared for the child's safety and took him to the surface world. Mera gave him to a foster family and the child lived as a regular human for many years. Those parents encouraged him to keep away from any water, since they were told the Xebel people could find him if he came into contact with water. The boy was raised under the name Jackson Hyde and lead a relatively normal life, save that he had to make excuses for not going near water and being unable to explain the tattoos covering his body, which were given too him in Xebel.

Unknown to Jackson, his biological father had survived and escaped years ago, becoming the sea-faring techno-pirate supervillain Black Manta.

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