Real Name
First Appearance
Wonder Woman (Vol. 1) #1 (Summer, 1942)
Charles Moulton
Team Affliation
The Greek Pantheon
Base of Operations
Immortality, can provoke battle and slaughter with his presence, As the god of war, Ares draws and nourishes his powers from malevolent psychic energy, Godly strength, Superhuman speed and stamina, Complete command over any weapon, Necromancy, Energy projection, Weather manipulation
Skills and Abilities
Master of Conflict and Strategy, Expertise with all weapons
Tools and Weapons
Virtually Indestructible Armor

Ares (DC) is a evil Greek god of war that is constantly fighting Wonder Woman in the DC Universe.  Ares has also been the hinted father of Wonder Woman.


Born of Chronos to be the Greek god of war, Ares has dedicated his life to setting the Earth on a path to eternal war.


Pre-Crisis (Earth-Two)Edit

Ares (also called Mars throughout the pre-Crisis era) was the Greek/Roman god of war and sought to create eternal war in the world of man, but he was opposed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who intended to create a more loving, peaceful world.  Those who worshipped Ares, would kill their weaker brethren and would sell their women cheaper than cattle, which caused Ares to gloat to Aphrodite about his victory.  In response, Aphrodite gathered up clay and created a new race out of it: a race of women she called the Amazons, who would create a woman-centered civiliazation with the goal of spreading the goal of Aphrodite.  The Amazons proved to actually be stronger than Ares' army and Hippolyte (AKA Hippolyta) became the queen of the amazons and was gifted with an enchanted Golden Girdle that made her invincible.

Ares, going by the name Mars (the Roman name for Ares) sent the demigod hero Hercules to defeat and enslave the Amazons by stealing the golden girdle, but he was defeated by Hippolyta in a duel.  However, he was able to trick one of the amazons into falling in love with him and used her to position the amazons into a trap to enslave them.

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