Argent is a young British superheroine and honorary member of the Teen Titans.

Background[edit | edit source]

Antonia Louise “Toni” Monetti was born in Great Britain and sometime during her teenage life she acquired the powers to manipulate and control crimson energy radiating from her hands, as well as having the ability to fly. Deciding to use her powers for good, Toni took up the name Argent and decided to become a crimefighter. She traveled the world helping others and fighting criminals which earned her praise and recognition among other superheroes including the Teen Titans. Her praise was great enough that she was put on the watchlist of both the Brotherhood of Evil and the Hive Academy.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Argent is a very goth superheroine, having a strong fondness for the color black and enjoys listening to rock bands. She usually appears calm, serious, stoic, introverted, and possessing a sarcastically dry sense of humor. Despite this, she actually works well with others and displays signs of teamwork with fellow heroes she has only just met. She is also fairly perceptive, knowing when she can handle a situation by herself or not. Though usually calm if things become increasingly dire she will become much more pressing if she has to be. When casually talking with her friends she may, at first, appear introverted and aloof but, in truth, she is kind, friendly, and accommodating. Argent will do whatever it takes to protect innocent people and do what is right, even if means being captured or even killed by her enemies. She would never surrender to a villain and will fight till the bitter end.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Argent meets Starfire

Argent vs General Immortus’s Army

Argent captured by the Brotherhood of Evil.

While in New Zealand fixing a a breaking dam, Argent is met by the Teen Titans member Starfire. After introducing herself, Starfire assist Starfire in fixing the dam and warns her about the Brotherhood of Evil targeting her. To help ensure her safety, Starfire gives her a Titans communicator, which Argent gladly accepts (especially because it is black). Now an honorary member of the Titans, Argent continues the remaining repairs on the dam while Starfire departs. However, sometime after Starfire leaves, Argent is attacked by General Immortus and a battalion of the Brotherhood’s robot soldiers. Outnumbered and surrounded, Argent calls the Titans for help. She fights against Immortus’s soldiers and destroys many, but there are too many and she is overpowered and blasted unconscious by the robots’ laser fire. By the time Starfire arrives, Argent has already been taken away by the Brotherhood as they leave Kitten and Killer moth to deal with Starfire. The defeated superheroine is taken to the Brotherhood’s secret headquarters in Paris, where she is presented to the captured Titans leader Robin, draped over the shoulder of one of her robot captors.

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