Aries is the name of several supervillains who are a part of the supervillain team known as the Zodiac, which contains members all named after the signs of the zodiac in the Marvel Universe.

Marcus Lassiter[edit | edit source]


Marcus Lassiter was the first villain to take on the identity of Aries.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Nothing is known about Marcus Lassiter prior to his first battle with the Avengers. It can be assumed that he was a criminal for some time before being approached by Cornelius van Lunt (in the guise of Taurus) to join his criminal organization Zodiac. His first order of business, like the rest of the Zodiac members, was set up a branch of the Zodiac in his chosen city (in Marcus' case, it was Atlanta, Georgia) and like the other members his true identity was hidden from all other members save for Zodiac's founder, Taurus. Lassiter also acted as the Zodiac's leader several times, as the leadership of Zodiac fell to the member who's name matched with star sign at the time.

Grover Raymond[edit | edit source]

Aries LMD[edit | edit source]

Aries (4th)[edit | edit source]

Aries (Ecliptic)[edit | edit source]

Aries (Thanos' Zodiac)[edit | edit source]

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