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Arisia Rrab


Real Name
Arisia Rrab
First Appearance
Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1 (May, 1981)
Mike W. Barr, Len Wein, Joe Staton
Team Affliations
The Green Lantern Corps
Cindy Simpson
Base of Operations
Graxos IV
Wields the Green Lantern Power Ring, which gives the ability to create hard light constructs and allows flight
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Green Lantern and Power Ring

Arisia Rrab is a Green Lantern in the DC Universe and a one-time love interest for Hal Jordan.


After her father, a great Green Lantern, died, Arisia Rrab was the next to recieve the Lantern, beginning her training as a Lantern while still a teenager.


Arisia Rrab was born on the planet Graxos IV and was raised by her father Fentara, the Green Lantern for that sector.  When Arisia was still a teenager, she took over her father's role as Green Lantern after he and the two men who replaced him has perished.  Unusual for a Green Lantern, Arisia came from a lineage of Green Lanterns (the fifth in her family), despite the fact that the Lanterns are designed to chose their own successors regardless of familial or blood connections.

Her training as a Green Lantern has not been disclosed but her earliest mission involved her and a large number of Green Lanterns being sent to battle Krona and Nekron, two of the Lanterns deadliest foes.  She also helped a team of Lanterns hide the Earth during the war with the dangerous cosmic entity known as the Anti-Monitor.

Arisia also fell in love with Green Lantern Hal Jordan, the defender of Sector 2814, and her ring, responding to her thoughts, transformed her from a teenager to a fully grown woman so that she might be with him and the two eventually began a relationship.  Some time later, following a series of personal tragedies, Hal Jordan seemed to turn to a villain, ending their relationship with Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps as enemies.