Real Name
Toby (Tobio) Tenma
First Appearance
Shōnen Kobunsha (April, 1952)
Osamu Tezuka
Team Affliation
Astro, Tetsuwan Atomu (The Mighty Atom, Iron Arm Atom)
Base of Operations
Metro City (in 2009 film)
Flight, Super-Strength, Super-Intelligence, Built in Weapons
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Many built into his body, including rocket boots, lasers and machine guns

Astro Boy is a robotic boy and superhero from the manga and animated series of the same name.


Created by the scientist Dr. Tenma to replace the son he lost, Astro proved to be a disappointment to his creator, but was adopted by Professor Ochanomizu, who inspired him to use his powers to help others.


Astro Boy was created by the scientist Dr. Tenma (Dr. Boynton in the English translation) in an attempt to resurrect his dead son Tobio (Toby in some English translation) in the form of a robot. However, when Tenma finally succeeded in creating his son as a robot, he became disappointed in it that it wasn't truly his son and sold him to an unscrupulous circus owner Hamegg (AKA The Great Cacciatore). Eventually Astro is discovered by Professor Ochanomizu (referred to as Dr. Elefun, Prof. Peabody, and Dr. O'Shay in various English translations) while Astro was performing and amazed by his abilities convinces Hamegg to give Astro over to him.

From then on, Professor Ochanomizu became a legal guardian for Astro and for the first time Astro was treated with kindness and warmth. It isn't long before Ochanomizu becomes aware of the full scope of his powers and abilities and that Astro is capable of feeling emotion. Astro soon after decided to use his powers to benefit mankind and help people. Eventually, a robotic family was created for Astro, including a mother, father, brother, and sister.

Soon, Astro Boy became the world's greatest hero, fighting rogue robots, alien threats and helping those in need.


Astro Boy was built with a multitude of superpowers with a number of tools and weapons built into his body.

Flight - Astro Boy is capable of flight, being propelled by rockets located in his feet.  The jet propulsion can move him at very fast speeds, allowing him to get from place to place rather quickly.

Super-Strength - Astro Boy's strength has been calculated as being 100,000 horsepower and can lift extremely heavy objects with relative ease.

Super-Endurance - In addition, Astro's robot body is extremely resillient, capable of enduring extreme stress and dangerous environmental conditions.  He also has near limitless stamina as well.

Super-Intelligence - Astro Boy is extremely intelligent, with his robot mind programmed to handle extremely complex tasks.  In addition, Astro has extremely good judgment of character, often capable of quickly determining if someone is good or evil.