The Atom

Al Pratt

Real Name
Albert "Al" Pratt
First Appearance
All-American Comics #19 (October, 1940)
Bill O'Conner, Ben Flinton
Team Affliations
Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron, Black Lantern Corps
Base of Operations
Calvin City
Atomic strength and agility, Immunity to radiation
Skills and Abilities
Superb athlete, Proficient boxer, Brilliant scientist

The Atom (Al Pratt) is a superhero in the DC Universe and a member of the Justice Society of America.


Al Pratt was a weak, short man who was bullied until he was trained by an ex-boxer to become a powerhouse fighter. He decided to use his newfound skills to fight crime as The Atom.


Albert "Al" Pratt was born in 1920, though his birth parents nor place of birth have yet to be revealed. In 1940, Pratt was a sophomore student in Calvin College (in Calvin City, Connecticut) and was often mocked for being short (five feet one inch). Called "Atom Al", Albert wished to show up his tormentors and win over Mary James, the girl of his dreams. One day, Al bought dinner for a vagrant in need, who turned out to be a former boxing champ Joe Morgan. Grateful, Morgan made a deal with Al to train him to become a world class-level boxer.  Within a year's time, Al became strong and a skilled boxer and decided to use his new skills to fight crime as a superhero with a secret identity, calling himself the Atom.

From then on, the Atom had a successful crime-fighting career in Calvin City, thwarting various criminals throughout the city.  Al still remained friends with Mary James, but it was the Atom that she was enamored with.

Justice Society of AmericaEdit

During World War II, the Atom was one of the many mystery men recruited into the organization of crime fighters known as the Justice Society of America.  He later joined the superhero team the All-Star Squadron, where he struck up a friendship with the superhero Wildcat (who was also trained by Joe Morgan).

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