Atom Eve

Atom Eve.jpg

Real Name
Samantha Eve Wilkins
First Appearance
Invincible #2 (January, 2003)
Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Grace city
Control over atomic particles
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Atom Eve is a superheroine from the Image Universe and appears in the comic book series Invincible.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Created as a genetically engineered weapon for the government, Abby Eve Wilkins' death was faked and she was raised by her parents until she discovered her true powers and became a superhero.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Years[edit | edit source]

When the government aimed to create their own living weapon, they developed a new genetic engineering technique to create a massively powerful human being. Her birth mother even demonstrated the glowing eyes generated by the fetus in her womb. However, when the subject was born (the mother did not survive), her father, scientist Erias Brandyworth, faked her daughter's death by switching her with the stillborn child of Betsy and Adam Wilkins. This kept her out of the hands of government agent Steven Erikson, who aimed to raise her as an agent. Growing up as a Samantha Eve Wilkins, the child was raised unaware of her powers, though was secretly watched by the scientist Brandyworth. She became an extremely talented student, even earning a scholarship to a prestigious school. What Samantha was unaware of was that this innate scientific knowledge was connected to her abilities, causing a mysterious man to warn her that if she were to continue demonstrating these abilities she may put herself in danger.

Later, during dinner, she and her parents discovered her transmutation abilities and (after practicing with various materials) was later was confronted by Brandyworth, who warned her not to use her powers in public.

Atom Eve[edit | edit source]

What happened after is somewhat hazy, save that Samantha learned how to use her powers and decided to become an "after-school" superhero in her teens. Soon, she would learn about her origins and the people hunted her from a mysterious super-powered boy and the two teamed up to protect themselves from their enemies. The boy ended up joining her in a superhero career, calling himself Rex Splode (due to his powers being the ability to charge objects with explosive energy) and the two started a relationship. Eventually the two joined the superhero team The Teen Team, and some time after, so did the superhero Invincible. Atom Eve and Invincible grew closer but after Atom Eve discovered Rex Plode cheating on her with another team mate, Dupli-Kate, she quit the team in anger.

Atom Eve then continued as a solo superhero. While she was romantically interested in the hero Invinicible, he was in a relationship at the time and ended up with Invincible's best friend William, though the relationship eventually ended when she realized he was probably more in love with the idea of her powers than herself. She later decided to retire from crime-fighting, realizing her particular set of powers might be more useful helping communities in need. However, she did return to assist her friends against threats like the Flaxan invasion of Earth and the god-like villain Omnipotus.

After a time, Eve decides to move back into her old home. After a few adventures together again, Samantha (after learning that his relationship with his previous girlfriend ended) confessed that she loves Mark. The two begin a relationship sometime not long after this.

Invincible Inc.[edit | edit source]

As the relationship between the two continued, Invincible had a falling out with a long time ally Cecil Stedman regarding the ethics of some of his choices. Atom Eve decided to help Invincible following this by establishing a private security firm called Invincible, Inc. so that he could turn crime fighting into a paid profession. Eve would act as his manager, sending him on missions and occasionally fighting herself in more serious missions. During their first mission, Mark is forced to face an army of alternate reality versions of himself, a task so dangerous Eve is compelled to enter the fray to assist him.  Eve finds herself seriously injured after defeating one of the alternate Invincibles and is taken to the hospital. After two days in a coma, she awakened to find Mark battling the most powerful villain he has yet to face, Conquest. Atom Eve helps Mark but both are badly beaten, Atom Eve nearly to death.

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