Ballet Woman


Real Name
Maripi Telerin
First Appearance
Cleo & Cuquin, "Power Up"
Victor M. Lopez
Team Affiliations
Unnamed supervillain team
Base of Operations
The Supervillain Treehouse
Skills and Abilities
Mastery of Ballet

Ballet Woman is the name of the super villain character that 6 year old Maripi Telerin played in the 13th episode of the children's television show Cleo and Cuquin.

Maripi/Ballet Woman is voiced by Emily Emmersen.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Maripi imagined the villain Ballet Woman during a game where she and her friends pretended to be heroes and villains.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ballet Woman is a supervillain character imagined by six year old child Maripi Telerin who leads a trio of villains.

Ballet Woman, the self proclaimed "baddest of ballerinas", has no super powers, but she makes up for it with her ballet dancing skills. She led her trio of super villains into battle against Bat Cleo and her team of superheroes as they attempted to take back the Jewel of the City (which was a tablet). Her plan; to use the Jewel of the City to control the children of the world.

The children continued to play with no resolution for their characters, though they had their share for fun.

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