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Real Name
Bart Simpson
First Appearance
The Simpsons, "Three Men and a Comic Book"
Matt Groening
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Skateboarding, Prank-Pulling
Tools and Weapons

Bartman is Bart Simpson's superhero alter-ego on the TV series The Simpsons. Though it appeared only briefly in the Simpsons as a joke, it becomes an actual hero identity in the Bongo comic books and in several Simpsons video games.

Bart Simpson/Bartman is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.


The Simpsons[]

Bart Simpson first uses his Bartman identity in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book" in an attempt to get a discount for a comic convention for those who dress as a character. Bart quickly leaps into a phone booth, changes into his "Bartman" costume and asks for his ticket discount, only to be denied for being a character no one has heard of.

Bartman Begins[]

The character of Bartman appears much later in the episode "Revenge is a Dish Served Three Times" as the final story in the revenge-based anthology. In the episode, Bart tells a tale of a young Bart Simpson, whose wealthy parents are murdered by a mugger with a snake tattoo (played by Snake) on the way from an opera. Bart vows revenge and at this point Grandpa Simpson shows up to reveal that he was once a superhero, the Crimson Cockatoo. Grandpa inspires him to follow the same path (though rejects his initial idea to be the Crimson Cockaboy) and after building his muscles with an "old-timey workout" takes on the identity of Bartman. He immediately begins taking out the city's most infamous criminals such as the Toker (Otto), the Diddler (Ned Flanders), Sugar and Spice (Patty and Selma), Mr. Mole (Hans Moleman), and Poison Lenny (Lenny), the last of whom isn't a villain but a transavestite.

Despite Bartman's successes, Bart is frustrated that no criminal he's caught had a snake tattoo. Finally, Bartman was able to defeat and kill a villain named the Serpent who was revealed to be the man Bartman was after through out his career.  Bartman was then approached by a reporter who questions if the hero had anything to live for now that he had his revenge, to which Bartman realizes that he is rich with no parents to tell him what to do, which he is fine with.