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Real Name
First Appearance
Detective Comics #267 (May, 1959)
Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
The Imp Dimension (the 5th Dimension)
Able to manipulate reality at will
Skills and Abilities
Deep knowledge of Batman

Bat-Mite is an all-powerful imp from the 5th Dimension and is Batman's biggest fan in the DC Universe.


A bizarre imp from the 5th dimension used his powers to watch Batman's exploit and became his biggest fan.  Dubbing himself Bat-Mite, he traveled into our dimension and became both a friend and nuisance to Batman.


The past and lineage (if lineage is possible for such a being) is completely unknown, save that he is an imp from the 5th Dimension, whose desidens seem capable of having limitless control over reality.  Within his dimension, it was very common for the residents to adore the superheroes of other dimensions and even dress up like them, recreating their adventures. Bat-Mite was one such entity who idolized Batman and eventually decided to travel to Batman's home dimension and meet him and his sidekick Robin in person.  He introduced himself as his Batman's biggest fan and expressed his desire to watch Batman and Robin fight crime.  While watching Batman and Robin fight crime, Bat-Mite kept intervening to make the battles more exciting, causing problems for Batman and Robin.  Bat-Mite felt regretful over his actions and with Bat-Mite's guidance rights his wrongs and leaves Gotham but left a note promising to return in the future.

Bat-Mite did return to help Batwoman as well as Batman and Robin in catching the Hobby Robber, allowing him to redeem his previous nuisance-making ways.