First Appearance
Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #110 (April, 1946)

The Batboat is a vehicle that exists in the DC Universe and is the personal watercraft of the superhero Batman.


The exact origin of the creation of the Batboat is unknown, thought it can be assumed it is a custom design, though the designer remains unknown (though most likely, if it wasn't designed by Batman, he had a lot of input into it's design and capabilities).

Prior to the officially named Batboat, Batman is scene using a boat in an early case involving arms dealing in Gotham's Chinatown district that ended with him chasing down the boats of criminals and destroying their vessels.  The Batboat initially appeared when Batman was called to Scotland Yard to solve a case involving the arch-criminal Professor Moriarty.  Thereafter, the batboat has constantly been used in missions that involve the Gotham harbor and the waters surrounding Gotham City.

Batman also has a Bat-Sumbersible (or Batsub), a submarine he and Robin (Dick Grayson) were first scene using to catch tiger sharks.

Later incarnations of the Batboat are shows with submersive properties, effectively making the Batboat and Batsub a single vehicle.


The original Batboat was simply a boat Batman used in crime-fighting.  It has, however, been upgraded, rebuilt and replaced over the years.

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