The Batcave


Notable Residents
First Appearance
Batman (Vol. 1) #12 (August-September, 1942)
Gotham City
Points of Interest
Trophy Room, Bat-Computer

The Batcave is the secret headquarters of Batman in the DC Universe.


Golden Age/Earth One

Bruce Wayne built his first Batcave under Wayne Manor, not long after purchasing it following his globespanning trip to become the world's greated crimefighter.  When he bought the Manor, he had no idea that there was such a cave located underneath it.  Prior to this, Bruce kept his costume in his house and had a crime lab in a hidden room in his house.   Batman also had vehicles prior to the Batcave, which he hid in a seemingly abandoned barn near Wayne Manor as well as in "secret underground hangars".   He also created a series of underground tunnels to travel to the barn without arousing suspicion.

Eventually, Batman created his lair using the underground system, though initially used it as a humble study for Batman where he kept his costume in a wooden box.  He later created a crime lab within a wall in Wayne Manor.  He discovered the cave itself when he was in his barn and the floor gave way to a secret underground cave.

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