Batcycle 02

First Appearance
Batman, "Not Yet, He Ain't"
Unknown (likely built or at least customized by Batman)

The Batcycle is Batman's personal motorcycle in the DC Universe.


When Batman created it is unknown, but the Batcycle is a modified street-bike he uses to patrol the streets of Gotham when he isn't using his Batmobile.  There have been many versions of the vehicle as Batman constantly upgrades and replaces his Batcycles over time as needed.

Batcycle in other mediaEdit

Batman (1966)Edit

The first appearance of the Batcycle was in the Batman TV series that premiered in 1966.  It was often used by Batman and Robin (who rode in a sidecar) to get to and from crime scenes, often when their primary mode of transportation, the Batmobile, was unavailable.

Batgirl, a hero who appeared sometime later, also had her own Batcycle, though there was no direct connection between her and Batman (or their cycles) beyond Batgirl taking inspiration from Batman.

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