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Real Name
First Appearance
Batfink, "The Pink Pearl of Persia"
Hal Seeger
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Metallic Wings, Super Strength, Super-sonic sonar radar
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Expertise
Metallic Wings, Battilac

Batfink was a cartoon superhero who was a star of a TV series of the same name, who was a parody of both Batman and Green Hornet.

Frank Buxton was the voice of Batfink.


Batfink was exposed to plutonium, granting him super strength. After sacrificing his wings to save his mother's life, Batfink was given steel wings, which he used to fight crime to help people like his mother.


When he was a child he was exposed to plutonium in a cave he and his mother lived in. Robbers attempted to hide in the cave and shot his mother, causing her to fall out of the cave. Batfink, using his abnormal strength the exposure to the Plutonium gave him, saved his mother from the fall, but his wings were badly damaged. Karate, who would later become his side-kick, took him to his father who was a blacksmith, who constructed wings made of steel for him. He promised his mother that he would use his abilities to fight crime.

He fights the villain Hugo A Go Go, the world's maddest scientist, and other criminals such as Sproty Morty, Napoleon Blownapart, and Skinny Minnie.



Batfink opening title

He is an anthropomorphic grey bat with black wings who wears a yellow jumpsuit with a big red B and red gloves and boots. He also has large pointy bat ears and a black (darker grey) nose.


He is usually portrayed as noble (he once was told he could be set free if he dropped a case, but he refused) and clever (in The Pink Pearl of Persia, he tricked some criminals into believing he was on their side to get them to find him, at which point he took the pearl back). However, he can be a bit naive at times, and often falls for traps set up by villains.



Super Sonar Radar He uses sonar radar in the form of the word "BEEP" to find criminals. The Sonar Radar seems to have a mind of it's own and is visible to criminals, however.


Wings of Steel Batfink's wings are indestructible to any matierial except for Plutonium. While he mainly uses them as a shield, he also has used them to cut through surfaces, amung other uses.

Strength Super Strength is only shown in the episode "This is your life" when the show flashes back to his childhood.

Flight Despite his wings being made of steel, they do not weigh him down when he goes to fly.

Plutonium Indestructability - With his body infused with Plutonium, If an external force would emmit Plutonium radiation near him , it grants Batfink invulnerability to Nuclear Explosions. It seems that since he stated he would have been destroyed by Hugo A Go Go's plutonium bomb had the Plutonium shield not been a factor, it seems he needs to Absorb a sufficient amount of radiation firsthand to gain this ability.

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