Real Name
Barbara Gordon
First Appearance
Detective Comics #359 (January, 1967)
Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino
Team Affliations
Batman Family, Birds of Prey, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Suicide Squad
Oracle, Amy Beddoes
Base of Operations
Gotham City
Skills and Abilities
Highly skilled martial artist and detective, Genius-level intellect, Superb computer hacker, Photographic memory
Tools and Weapons
Batarangs, Various Crime-Fighting Tools

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is a super-heroine in the DC Universe and an ally to Batman.

Origin[edit | edit source]

While heading to a costume part dressed as Batman, Barbara Gordon ended up saving the real Batman from a supervillain. Realizing her potential, she decided to continue to fight crime as Batgirl.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Silver Age (Earth-One)[edit | edit source]

Barbara Gordon was born to James and Thelma Gordon (her place of birth is unverified).  As a little girl, Barbara loved heroes, even having an adventure with the teenaged Superboy when she visited Smallville.  The adventure temporarily granted her powers and it taught her that wishing for powers isn't enough and that she had to work hard and develop her skills.

Modern Age (Post-Crisis)[edit | edit source]

After The Joker shot her near the spine, she was paralyzed for 3 years working as Oracle, but then managed to walk and eventually became Batgirl again.

TV Shows[edit | edit source]

  • Batman 1966-1968
  • Teen Titans Go!

Equipments[edit | edit source]

Pretty much the same equipment Batman has.

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