This is a disambiguation page for different characters named Batman, almost all of whom are characters in the DC Multiverse.

  • Bruce Wayne is the original and most famous character named Batman.
  • Dick Grayson took on the role of Batman for a time after Bruce Wayne's apparent death and retained the role as a "local Batman" while Bruce traveled the world as a "global Batman".
  • In an alternate future, Tim Drake also was destined to take on the role of Batman, where he becomes a much more morally ambiguous hero.
  • Damian Wayne also took on the role of Batman in an alternate future, where he sells his soul in order to protect Gotham City from evil.
  • In the animated TV series Batman Beyond, teenager Batman (Terry McGinnis) takes on the role of Batman under the tutelege of an elderly Bruce Wayne in the future.
  • Batman is also the name of an anti-hero in the Tangent Universe and is a ancient knight who has been cursed.
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