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Batman (Terry McGinnis) is a superhero in the animated TV series Batman Beyond and later appeared as part of the DC Multiverse.


After his father was killed by criminals as part of a conspiracy, Terry McGinnis turns to Bruce Wayne, whom he learned had once been the superhero Batman. Terry discovers a special high tech suit Bruce designed to enhance his strength and decided to use it to fight crime as the new Batman.


Pragmatic government agent, Amanda Waller, came to the conclusion that the world may need a Batman long after his retirement. To this end, she believes Bruce's DNA held part of the key and conspired to create the DNA in a new child. Waller sought out a couple whose psychological profile approximated Bruce Wayne's parents and found it in Warren and Mary McGinnis. She used a flu shot to manipulate the reproductive DNA of Warren McGinnis to match Bruce Wayne's so that when the two had a child, he would have the same physical potential as Bruce Wayne.

He was a 17-year old football player and reformed troublemaker, his dad put him a curfew which he broke up to meet with his girlfriend: Dana. They were harassed by a Jokerz gang and Terry fought back but for revenge the Jokerz killed his father. When he found out he chased the Jokerz all the way up to Wayne manor, he was cornered but then Bruce Wayne helped defend him (but Bruce Wayne now was old suffering from heart disease which is why the Batman was dead in Gotham now), so the struggle affected his heart and Terry took him inside the Batcave. In there he discovered that he used to be Batman, but Bruce told him to get out later he discovered that his dad had found out that the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, now Wayne-Powers, was dumping illegal toxins to the city he was gonna tell the cops but Mr. Fixx turned out that he actually killed Terry's dad. He went to the Batcave stoled the new technologically advanced suit of Batman and went to seek justice and stop the dumping of the toxins. But Bruce found out and froze the suit in the middle of the battle, Terry convinced Bruce to let him wear the mantle of the Batman, Bruce said yes and unfroze the suit and let him keep fighting. And then the CEO of Wayne-Powers falls into a toxic waste and his skin falls off to become a radiation emitting being who then picked his villain name to be Blight.

Terry's Batman soon develops his own rogues gallery, with both new villains (Blight himself; seductive shape-shifter Inque; hypnotist Spellbinder, Shriek who uses weaponized sound, deadly assassin Curare from the League of Assassins or League of Shadows; insane terrorist Mad Stan; cybernetically-enhanced African big game hunter Stalker; nerdy telekinesis user Willie Watt; a new version of the Royal Flush Gang) as well as some of his mentor's old foes (a rejuvenated Mr. Freeze, Bane's strength-enhancing Venom substance reborn as slap-on patches, and of course Ral as Ghul.

Terry also makes allies in Neo-Gotham, such as the 17-year-old computer genius Maxine "Max" Gibson who is the best friend of his girlfriend, who discovers Batman's secret identity and helps Terry with computer hacking and researching, and police commissioner Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl who is unhappy about another person following in Bruce's dark and dangerous steps (though she admits the city needs Batman and that Terry could not be deterred from being Batman any more than she could have been from being Batgirl).

TV Shows[]

  • Batman Beyond
  • The New Batman Superman Adventures


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