Batman in other media
The superhero character Batman has appeared in a variety of different media over the decades since his creation.

Books and LiteratureEdit

Batman appears in a number of novels:

  • Batman Vs. The Three Villains of Doom was a novel that retold several stories from the 1966 Batman TV series.  It was followed by Batman Vs. The Fearasome Foursome, an adaptation based on Batman: The Movie.
  • Batman: Dead White: A young, inexperienced Batman does battle with a racist militia known as, whose leader plans to kill Batman as practice for an assault on Washington, D.C.  It was followed by two sequels; Batman: Fear Itself, where Batman battles the Scarecrow and Batman: Inferno, wherein Batman must battle the Joker and a new demolitions expert villain named Enfer while proving his innocence for a murder charge.
  •  Batman: The Ultimate Evil: While investigating a series of child abuse cases as Bruce Wayne, Batman discovers that before her death his mother was investigating a pedaphile ring, which is the reason her and her husband were murdered.
  • Enemies & Allies: Set during the 1950's, Bruce Wayne learns that Lex Luthor is blackmailing board members in Wayne Enterprises and, as Batman, decides to investigate Luthor.  Soon, he encounters the superhero Superman and the two must thwarts Luthor's plot to fake an alien invasion in order to cause a mistrust of all aliens, such as Superman.
  • The Further Adventures of Batman was an anthology book series featuring Batman stories written by a variety of writers.  Batman also appeared in the follow-up anthologies The Further Adventures of the Joker, The Further Adventures of Batman Vol. 2 Featuring the Penguin and The Further Adventures of Batman Vol. 3 Featuring Catwoman.
  • Wayne of Gotham is a Batman novel taking place in two eras: Thomas Wayne in his youth in the 1950's and Batman in the present day.
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