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Ben 10

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Real Name
Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
First Appearance
Ben 10, "And Then There Were Ten" December 27, 2005
Man of Action (Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle)
Team Affiliation
Plumbers, DNA Force,
Ben 10,000 (in alternate future)
Base of Operations
Plumber HQ
Transform into Aliens with Different Super-Powers
Skills and Abilities
Agile, Experienced Fighter
Tools and Weapons

Ben 10 (Benjamin 'Ben' Tennyson) is a superhero from the animated series Ben 10 and its spin-offs.

Ben 10 is voiced by Tara Strong in the original series and Ben 10: Omniverse and by Yuri Lownethal in the spin-offs.


After finding what appeared to be a meteorite, Ben Tennyson found a strange alien artifact that bonded to him, allowing him to transform into one of ten aliens.


Ben Tennyson was raised in the city of Bellwood, were he was often the victim of bullying (namely from local bullies Cash and JT). One summer, he was sent to spend time with his grandpa Max Tennyson and his cousin Gwen Tennyson, traveling the nation in order to go sightseeing. During a camping trip, Ben found what he thought was a meteorite but what turned out to be a mysterious watch, which he would later discover was called the Omnitrix, that attached itself to Ben's wrist, refusing to let go.

Shortly thereafter, Ben accidentally turned into an alien capable of emiting fire from its body (which Ben would later name Heatblast) and, unable to control his new abilities, nearly burned down a nearby forest. The Omnitrix, he would learn, was actually capable of turning him into one of 10 aliens filed on the device.  He revealed his abilities to Gwen and Max to their shock, though Max was in fact less surprised by the alien body than the appearance of the artifact attached to Ben. Since then, Ben worked to master the powers of the Omnitrix as well as using his powers to fight the evil forces he, Gren and Max would often encounter on their road trip.

What Ben was unaware of was that is the Omnitrix was being targeted by the evil alien Vilgax, who was severely injured in his attempts to acquire the Omnitrix.  Ben would go on to face him, as well as other villains like Doctor Amino and Kevin 11 (who had powers similar to Ben) during their trip.  Ben would also go on to learn that his grandfather was actually a former Plumber, a member of an organization that secretly policed alien activity on Earth. Meanwhile, Gwen would help Ben, first merely with her wits but later gained magic powers that proved invaluable in their adventures.

Eventually, after many adventures, Ben learned the origin of the Omnitrix and when it threatened to self-destruct, sought out Azmuth to gain his help. Azmuth eventually saved him and in addition, upgraded his Omnitrix with new abilities and alien forms after being convinced that its power was in the right hands.

After a grand adventure during the summer, Ben returned home, but still fought crime and evil in his home town.  He would go on to fight Kevin 11 again and had a temporary uneasy alliance with him.  Eventually, Ben learned how to remove the Omnitrix on his own and decided to retire from crime fighting.

Five years later, the confidence he gained as an adventurer allowed him to overcome his outsider status and eventually became a star soccer player at school.  Ben later learned that Max was missing and decided to use the Omnitrix once more in order to find out what happened to him.  Upon putting the watch on, Ben was surprised to discover the watch upgraded itself (looking less like a manacle and more like a wristwatch), giving him 10 new alien forms to choose from.  Ben teamed up with Gwen and an alien plumber named Magister Labrid and began his search.

His hunt soon lead him in the direction of Kevin 11, who was now a weapons dealer to aliens, brokering a deal between the dangerous factions The DNAliens and the Forever Knights.  Upon meeting Ben again, Kevin attacked him, still angry over past defeats, but was quickly defeated by Ben.  However, when the three are caught between a fight between the Knights and the Aliens that nearly killed Kevin until Labrid sacrificed his life to save Kevin.

Ben gains a new watch from the creator of the Omnitrix. His cousin leaves for college, and his best friend follows, but Ben gets a new alien partner named Rook.