The Barserkers


First Appearance
Thundercats, "The Terror of Hammerhand"
Tobin Wolf
Hammerhand, Topspinner, Ram Bam, Cruncher
Rallying Cry

The Berserkers are odd band of Viking-like pirates who first appeared pillaging the northern shores of the Unicorn Forest (as seen in the TV series ThunderCats in the episode "The Terror of Hammerhand"). They have a habit of repeating certain words or phrases three times. The original Berserkers resembled Vikings and were apparently all killed when their ship was sunk. By the Season 2 mini-series "ThunderCats-Ho!", a revived Hammerhand had formed a second incarnation of the Berserkers with new members endowed with cybernetic bodies and powers like his own. Mumm-Ra enlisted them into capturing Lynx-O, Bengali, Pumyra, and the two Berbils that rescued them.

The Berserkers are made up of:

  • Hammerhand  (voiced by Earl Hammond) — The leader of the Berserkers who has a cybernetic arm that can punch and pound with great force. After he and his original Berserkers were killed, Hammerhand was later mystically resurrected by Mumm-Ra who summoned up his spirit to animate a clone of Panthro which he had created. When the plan failed, Hammerhand's spirit broke Mumm-Ra's control and the clone body shifted into Hammerhand's original form before departing.
  • Topspinner (voiced by Bob McFadden) — A warrior and member of Hammerhand's second incarnation of the Berserkers who can spin at high speeds to deflect missile objects or smash opponents. His spinning can also make him dizzy.
  • Ram Bam (voiced by Peter Newman) — A member of Hammerhand's second incarnation of the Berserkers. Rolling by the wheel embedded in his chest, this fighter can launch himself along the ground at high speeds to smash through objects like a battering ram. Ram Bam also has rollers on his feet to help him move fast.
  • Cruncher (voiced by Earle Hyman) — A hulking pirate and member of Hammerhand's second incarnation of the Berserkers whose sheer strength can crush buildings and boulders with ease.
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