Besu Besu is one of the Amazon Quartet who serve Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia. She is the second oldest, and very aggressive. She is the animal trainer of the Dark Moon Circus, and all her followers resemble animals. She attacks with a whip and throwing knives.

Besu Besu made the most attempts at finding Pegasus, at four attempts. After the Amazon Quartet were defeated by Sailor Moon, they switched Rini (who was currently trapped by Queen Nehelenia) around with a doll so they could ride Pegasus and take his horn. When Zirconia found out, he trapped them in another dimension inside mirrors, and they began to question if they were on the right side. Zirconia later teleported them to the place where he fought the Sailor Scouts and drained their power to increase his power, but this was stopped when Besu Besu, along with the others, smashed her orb on the ground, releasing her from Nehelenia's power and giving up eternal childhood.

The Amazon Quartet helped Sailor Moon fight Queen Nehelenia by switching the golden crystal (which was in Nehelenia's possession) with a pineapple. Besu Besu gave the crystal to Sailor Moon. After Nehelenia was defeated and left Earth, the Amazon Quartet decided to leave somewhere, saying they might see the Sailor Scouts again.

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