Bibleman is the superhero from the evangelical video and animated series of the same name, designed to teach Christian values to children.

Origins[edit | edit source]

There are are two different people who took up the name of Bibleman, but with completely different backgrounds.

Josh Carpenter as he turns into Bibleman

Origin 1: Miles Peterson was a man who had everything, wealth, success, status, but he was a frustrated and miserable man, and something was lacking in his life. In his darkest and most desperate hour, on a dark and stormy night, miserable, alone, and with his spirit beaten, Miles gave up and threw himself to the ground in anguish and defeat. But then, as Miles felt he had nothing to live for, he finds something in the mud that changed his life: a Bible. Upon finding it, Miles experienced a "burning desire to know God" and changed his life and ways, becoming a Christian. From then on, inspired by the word of God and equipped with unyielding faith, he fought evil with scriptures from the Bible and in the name of God as Bibleman.

Origin 2: Some time after Miles retired from his duty as Bibleman, Josh Carpenter, a boy who never truly understood the Bible and the importance of God's word, was in his darkest night as he overheard his parents arguing. However, he soon found a Bible, realized his deep need of God in his life and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He soon began to study the Bible and memorized the scriptures and grow stronger in Christ. And once he grew up, Josh joined the growing forces of those who took God's word to heart and courageously follow Jesus, took up the armor of God, and became the second Bibleman.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

While possessing no superpowers, both Miles and Josh fought evil forces that targeted children by using the power of God and quoting from scriptures in the Bible, which Miles called words from his "sponsor", which gave them strength.

Weapons and accessories[edit | edit source]

The only "weapon" that both Biblemen possessed was the Sword of the Spirit, which he used to combat any evil forces that possessed a Sword of Darkness. Both Biblemen wore a costume, called "The Full Armor of God", that contained various parts. Including; the Waist-belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Shoes of Peace, the Shield of Faith, and the Helmet of Salvation.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

To exit his hideout, called the BibleCave, and to an emergency or to meet a child who was targeted by a villain, the original Bibleman used a motorcycle called the Tunnel Bike.

Sidekicks and partners[edit | edit source]

  1. Miles's best friend and the first sidekick to Bibleman was Coats, who seemed like he had military training due to his evasive maneuvers when dealing with enemies. However, as stated in The Bibleman Adventure: Conquering the Wrath of Rage, Coats left Bibleman so he could become a high school basketball coach.
  2. Both Biblemen had a female computer in the BibleCave and Mobile Mission Command Center named U.N.I.C.E.
  3. Bibleman's second sidekick was Cypher.
  4. The first female sidekick to Bibleman was Biblegirl, aka Lia. She originally had a net as a weapon, but then got a gun of some sort, and then a side shooting weapon.
  5. Biblegirl's cousin and second female sidekick to Bibleman, (specifically Josh Carpenter), Melody. She is also the only sidekick to have never worked alongside the original Bibleman, Miles Peterson.

Villains[edit | edit source]

  1. The Sultan of Selfishness: An olive skinned, man with black, curly hair, black eyebrows and eyes, a black goatee, and wearing a green Nehru suit with gold trimmings. He speaks with a heavy, stereotypical Middle Eastern accent. He temporarily gains control of a school by posing as a motivational speaker who dispenses small stickers that cause all the students and faculty to become susceptible to the Sultan's 3Ds credo: Demand, Deserve, Dominate.
  2. Dr. Decepto: A scientist villain with green skin. He only appeared in a flashback in "The Bibleman Show: Big Big Book", where he defeated Bibleman, but Decepto was later seen behind bars, having been later defeated.
  3. Madam Glitz: A self-centred woman in "The Bibleman Show: Back to School". She captured Miles Peterson (Bibleman) because she wanted the fame Bibleman had. However, Bibleman tells her that it is the Word of God that everyone desires and needs to hear. She was defeated when she was placed inside a T.V. set by God Himself.
  4. The Fibbler: A green-haired evil clown (resembling the Cesar Romero version of the Joker from the 1960s Batman TV series) who, in "The Bibleman Show: The Six Lies of the Fibbler", influenced one of the Church singing group children into lying. After she asks her friends for forgiveness, he and Bibleman fight. The Fibbler was defeated and destroyed by his own sword of darkness.
  5. The Gossip Queen: A villainess queen whose character design was later widely criticized for sharing many characteristics with traditional Jewish stereotypes (e.g., possessing dark skin, curly black hair, a large hook-nose, thick lips, and dark-colored beady eyes). In "The Bibleman Show: Silencing the Gossip Queen", she tried to rip the Church singing group apart. She has two henchmen named Loose Lips and Blabbermouth and could fire Beams of Bitterness from her fingers. She was destroyed when she was hit by Bibleman's Sword of the Spirit.
  6. Luxor Spawndroth: A villain who takes on different persons after defeat. These incarnations include: The Shadow of DoubtMaster of MiseryDr. FearEl FuriosoThe Prince of Pride, Himself, and lastly Temptation. His weapon is the sword of darkness, either colored red or, in a couple cases, purple.
  7. Ludicrous: The evil sidekick of Luxor Spawndroth.
  8. L.U.C.I.: (The Link to Underhanded Computer Influences) is the evil counterpart to U.N.I.C.E and computer to all the villains starting with Dr. Fear.
  9. Primordius Drool/The Wacky Protestor: was a goofy, blue-skinned demon scientist who was formerly a green skinned demon with greater powers before he got demoted. His abilities include plasma balls and, as Primordius Drool, lightning. During his final scheme, he created a special portal to another realm to trap Christian students and turn them to atheism. However, he got caught in his own trap and was stuck there forever. He was the first villain fought by the second Bibleman, Josh Carpenter.
  10. Rapscallion P. Sinister: A villain fought by Bibleman in the 2005 live show, "Bibleman: A Fight for Faith", and hired by the Wacky Protestor to take out the source of Bibleman's power. He spoke with a British accent and, according to him, the "P" in his name stands for polite. He was defeated when placed inside a cage that sucked out his power.
  11. Professor E. Meritus Snortinskoff: A mad scientist who's in charge of Snortinskoff Industries and makes kids disrespect their authorities. His henchman is named Stench.
  12. 2Kul 4Skul (2kool 4skool): A gray-skinned villain who devised a plan to establish a T.V. station with the call letters W.B.I.G. (which stand for What's Bad is Good) to block the gospel from reaching youth.
  13. I.M. Wonderful: A vain woman who wears a gold mask and a cape.
  14. The Cheater: A villain who influences kids to cheat. His tools are his "belittler" and his flying cards.
  15. The Slacker: This senior villain makes kids lazy with his Lasers of Laziness. He carries a staff (armed with a laser of laziness) and has goons to support him in battle.
  16. Super Pro Gamemaster 2: This villain was a cyborg who could control machines. He appeared in "Bibleman: Powersource: Lambasting the Legions of Laziness".
  17. Super Pro Gamemaster 3: This robotic leader of the Evildoers Club was Super Pro Gamemaster 2's successor. He has powers similar to his predecessor and developed the video game Big Bad Bully.
  18. Baron Ulysses Tantamont von Braggart: A sheriff-like pig villain with a golden head cap who lives in a castle. His weapons are his electric staff that he uses to battle Bibleman, and his electric chair that he uses to shoot at Bibleman and Cypher.
  19. The Commandant of Confusion: A gold skinned heavyweight villain who is very technical and has an evil sidekick named Chaos, who is dressed up in a black and red jumpsuit.
  20. Chaos: A man in a black and red suit and mask, he was a sidekick to many villains, but only seen with The Commandant of Confusion.
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