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Real Name
First Appearance
Superboy (Vol. 1) #68 (October, 1958)
Alvin Schwartz, Otto Binder, George Papp, Joe Shuster [Creator of Superman, Jerry Seigel [Creator of Superman]
Team Affliations
Injustice League, The Society
El-Kal, Kent Clark, Bizarro #1, Superman, Bizarro Clark, Bizarro-Superman, The Phantom
Base of Operations
Bizarro World
Superhuman strength, hearing, and endurance, Super-sonic-speed, Flight, Healing factor, Invulnerability, Freeze, spot-light, x-ray, telescopic, and microscopic vision, Heat, and vacuum breath
Skills and Abilities
Not particularly skilled, though he may be capable of the inverse of Superman's skills
Tools and Weapons

Bizarro (AKA The Bizarro Superman), is a super-villain and anti-hero in the DC Universe and an "imperfect" clone of the superhero Superman.  Though there have been many incarnations of the character, most of them are either harmless or, at least, not intentionally malicious due to his warped mind and skewed worldview.


Created as an attempt to clone Superman, Bizarro was somehow made wrong and thinks and behaves in backwards logic.



The first Bizarros (though not called that at the time) were created by the General Dru-Zod (more well known as General Zod) of the planet Krypton, who created imperfect clones of himself to dominate the planet.  These duplicates of Zod were ready to fight and kill as his behest but were eventually defeated.

12 years later, by complete coincidence, a brilliant scientist named Professor Dalton created a duplication machine nearly identical to the technology used by Zod on Krypton.  The plans were found by Lex Luthor, a master criminal and enemy of Superman, who built it with the plan to create a copy of Superman under his complete control.  Luthor was surprised with the result: an imperfect creation with a backwards mind similar to the Bizarro Superboy from years before.


In these comics Bizarro is a clone that Lex Luthor made of Superman, and it went wrong because he incorrectly thought he was a human with powers (meta-human) and not an alien, he was described as being bizarre.

TV Shows

The shows that use the "Pre-Crisis" origin of a duplicating ray are: Super Friends, Superboy and Lego DC. The shows that use the "Post-Crisis" origin of him being an experiment of Lex Luthor with the DNA of Superman, are: Superman Animated Series, the new version of DC Super Friends and Supergirl, but in the case of Supergirl the protagonist of the series that won a bad version, but in the special Crisis of the Infinite Earths, in an alternative timeline that the villain created the characters thought that Superman was called Bizarro.