Bizarro World


Sector 1482
First Appearance
Action Comics (Vol. 1) #263 (April, 1960)
Otto Binder, Wayne Boring
Notable Residents
Bizarro, the Bizarro People
Points of Interest
Daily Htrae, Fourtriss uv Bizarro, Mutropolis, Dali Planit (also spelled Dayli Planet)

Bizarro World (also known as htraE), is a planet in the DC Universe and is home to the race known as the Bizarros (and in particular, their leader Bizarro).


The Creation of the Bizarro WorldEdit

When Bizarro, an imperfect clone of Superman, was defeated by him several times, Bizarro decided to leave the Earth and create a world of his own.  Taking with him a Duplicator Ray, an object that can create imperfect duplicates, he began to populate the planet with clones of himself and similarly imperfect clones of Lois Lane.  Eventually, the Bizarro people created their own society, and following the lead of Bizarro, have decided that all things must be imperfect and backwards.  Not long after, the planet was fully populated and Bizarro created a society that seemed to be a bizarre parody of Earth.  They created a system of laws where all things must be imperfect and backwards to the rules of Earth and anyone who broke it was harshly punished.

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