Black Eagle


Real Name
First Appearance
Beware! #8 (July 1953)
Bob Powell
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
flight, clawing attacks

Origin[edit | edit source]

The residents of a fishing village were plagued by attacks from enormous marauding eagles. The villagers wipe out the eagles, leaving only the "unholy" Black Eagle, who is large enough to carry off a fully grown man.

Thor Taver, "the steel-muscled young fisherman", travels to the island to visit his brother Leif and their mother. The boat's captain tells Thor the story while making the trip.

In the village, Thor sees his brother Leif down the block, and watches as the Black Eagle carries off his brother. Thor resolves to climb the cliff where the eagles nest to rescue his brother.

Once at the summit, he is surprised to see a large convocation of eagles. The villagers had told him only the unholy Black Eagle still survived, yet there were dozens observing a man addressing them. The eagles listened as "The gaunt, cadaverous figure addresses them all, man-like, with a large black cape and gleaming eyes that smoulder as in a fever!"

Thor surreptitiously went to find Leif in a cave. Leif acted birdlike, clawing at Thor. Thor tried to lead his brother out of the cave, only to find the strange man, who was the Black Eagle, barring his way.

Not being in the position to be captured, Thor fled, but was deeply clawed by the Black Eagle. The Black Eagle called the others to him, and they soon spotted Thor. Thor found himself evading to the cliff edge, where he was forced over by an attacking eagle. He was surprised to learn that he could fly. He soon sprouted wings and returned to pick up Leif with his feet, which were growing to be more like talons.

Thor flew Leif to his mother's house, finding someone slammed the door and trapped him inside. The villagers surrounded the shack. By now, Thor had a beak as well. He picked up a knife from the table and broke out through the skylight. The Black Eagle arrived in bird form for a confrontation with Thor. Thor killed the Black Eagle with the knife, observing as it transformed back into a man, albeit a dead one.

Thor realized he and the Black Eagle were alike. Thor returned to normal, telling the villagers that soon the other transformed villagers would do likewise and return to the village.

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