Black Lantern

Black Lantern

The Black Lantern Corps Members
First Appearance
Green Lantern (vol. 4) #25 (January, 2008) [Post-Crisis]
Hard Light Constructs [Pre-Crisis], Granting Deathlessness to the Dead [Post-Crisis]
the Weaponeers of Qward

A Black Lantern is an artifact in the DC Universe.  The first version was simply an attempt to recreate the Green Lantern by the Weaponers of Qward, while the second was born from the power of the entity Nekron and is capable of resurrecting the dead.


Before life as we know it there was an entity that would later be named Nekron.  When life began, Nekron became a being that symbolized death and he hated the life that had taken over his universe.  Nekron had tried multiple times to destroy life, only to be defeated.  To complete his goal, he created the Black Lantern Rings, harnessing the essence of death itself that exists in the emotional color spectrum.  Nekron then gave the ring to Scar, a Guardian of the Universe (an organization dedicating to safeguarding the universe) who had secretly become a villain.

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