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The Black Star
Real Name
First Appearance
Detective Story Magazine (10.05.1916)
John Mack Stone (Johnson McCulley)
Team Affiliations
The Black Star's band
The Black Star
Base of Operations
The Black Star's headquarters
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
vapor gun

Black Star is a pulp antihero from the serialized stories of the same name.


The Black Star's origin remains unknown. Five-days following the robbery of the Diamond Vault operated by Jones & Co., Roger Verbeck and his band are laughed at behind their backs. Roger sets out to capture the non-violent criminal, the Black Star.

"The Black Star had done this--that master criminal who had held the city at his mercy for six months or more, who committed crimes of originality and daring."

"A tall figure enveloped in a flowing black robe with a hood that covered the head. The face was hidden by a black mask through which two eyes glittered. On the front of the hood, in flaming jet, was a big star."

Skills and Abilities[]

The Black Star is a master criminal, a genius in planning and executing criminal activities. The Black Star carries a "vapor gun" resembling an ordinary revolver, yet it shoots a gas with a pungent odor. The fumes are capable of rendering temporarily unconscious those who breathe it in.

The Black Star's band is a group of criminals who wear cloaks and masks. He communicates with them by means of blackboards, maintaining absolute silence. He has never seen their face nor they his own. This maintains anonymity for the operatives and the Black Star. Each agent is assigned a code word and a number by which to identify and verify their validity. One such agent is code named Georgia and has the number 8 assigned to him.