Blooperman is a bumbling superhero whose enemy is the evil Badman.

Profile Edit

Blooperman is a character who looks very similar to Superman except that he is obese. He goes up against a villain called Badman - in reality Bruce Pain, a wealthy resident of Metroville, the city where Blooperman lives - who captures him after a series of battles lasting three issues, but summons his friends in the Bestest league, who break him free and capture the nefarious Badman.

Powers Edit

Blooperman has superhuman strength, the ability to fly and a super-whistle with which he can summon the other members of the Bestest League of America. His only weakness is tobacco smoke, and he works closely with Chief O'Hare of the Metroville Police Department.

Notes Edit

Blooperman and Badman are parodies of Batman and Superman, and the Blooperman story is a parody of the ones in World\s Finest Comics. They first appeared in GO-GO COMICS #3.

Sources Edit

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