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Real Name
First Appearance
Whoopass Stew - A Sticky Situation
Craig McCracken
Team Affliation
The Powerpuff Girls
Commander and the Leader, The Smart One
Base of Operations
The City of Townsville

Super-Speed Flight

Ice Breath
Skills and Abilities
Leadership Skills, High Intelligence
Tools and Weapons

Blossom is the de facto leader and main protagonist of the Powerpuff Girls in the animated TV series of the same name.

She is voiced by Cathy Cavadini.


Born when Chemical X was added to Professor Utonium's attempt to create the perfect little girl, Blossom and her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup, fight crime and evil as the Powerpuff Girls.


Blossom, along with her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup, were created when Professor Utonium was working to create a perfect little girl using sugar, spice, and everything nice. The experiment was interrupted when an extra ingredient was accidentally added by the Professor's rambunctious lab monkey: Chemical X, a mysterious chemical with unknown properties. After a great explosion, the Powerpuff Girls were created. The Professor was amazed to find that three super-powered girls were created but was immediately taken with them and treated them as his children. He named Blossom because she was the first one to open up to him.

Soon the girls joined kindergarten and though they were quick to make friends, they ended up causing trouble when their powers escalated a game of tag and they ended up nearly destroying the city. Soon the Mayor of Townsville denounced the girls, making them pariahs. Feeling sad, the girls came across a mysterious figure, who was in fact the lab monkey who accidentally caused their creation, now super-intelligent due to his exposure to Chemical X. Calling himself Mojo Jojo, he promised the girls that he could help them redeem themselves if they help use their powers to build a device of his own design.

Howeverm once the machine was complete, Mojo Jojo revealed that his real intent was to conquer Townsville with the device he made by turning all monkeys into mad geniuses like him.


Nice, Sweet, Caring, Intelligence, Smart, Brave and Lovely


Super Strength

Super Flight

Ice Breath

Fire Breath

The Power To Speak Different Languages

Super Intelligence

Fight Skills

Heat Vision


Skills and Abilities[]