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Blue Beetle

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Real Name
Jaime Reyes
Base Of Operations
El Paso, Texas
Formerly Justice League International, Posse, Teen Titans
Alien suit of powered armor, granting: Flight, Enhanced strength and Durability, Creation of weapons, Translation of Alien Languages

Jaime Reyes is a super-hero in the DC Universe and the third person to take the name Blue Beetle.


High school student Jaime Reyes discovered the Blue Beetle Scarab half-buried in a disused lot, and took it home as a curiosity. That night, as Jaime slept, the Scarab came to life and bonded to his spine, selecting him as its host - the new Blue Beetle.


Jaime Reyes was born in El Paso, Texas and lived with his father (a garage owner), mother and little sister. After the blue beetle or better scarab found him he put in on became the Blue Beetle. Then he went to the home of the Green Lantern, Oa where he discovered that the Blue Beetle was made by an ancient race of aliens called The Reach who are at war with the Green Lantern Corps. Then the reach invaded and the beetle possessed Jaime. But he defeated the programming and then defended Oa from the other Blue Beetles. He has a young sorceress girlfriend name Traci 13.

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TV Shows[]

He comes out in alot of episodes in Batman the Brave and the Bold.

Also, in the Teen Titans Go! episode Sidekick, Robin is looking at several posts and Blue Beetle has made one of them.

Appears in Young Justice and Justice League Action.


When in use, the suit can reconfigure itself to produce a wide array of armaments. Common functions include an energy cannon, a sword and shield, a grappling hook, a device resembling a communications satellite, and a set of foot-long powered blades that can shear through tree trunks. In addition, the suit can produce a set of wings for flight that can also act as shields. Jaime alludes to weapons that may be powerful enough to harm even the Spectre, one of DC's most powerful characters, claiming that some of the weapons are of W.M.D. caliber.

The suit can adapt to different situations, including producing energy discharges from the hands that can neutralize magic, discharging Kryptonite radiation and tuning "vibrational frequencies" of extra-dimensional objects to make them visible. The suit can create armaments of different composition and style. The scarab has at least one power it can manifest whether dormant or active; it can give Jaime a peculiar form of "sight" to perceive extra-dimensional objects, which gather information on the scarab user's adversaries. The scarab is able to communicate with him in a more comprehensible fashion if need be. His suit is capable of compensating for Jaime's digestive system, so that he does not need to expel waste materials when using the suit, and can even make paper out of dead skin cells the suit collects.

When necessary, Jaime can have the Scarab take over in Infiltrator Mode. When this happens, the suit becomes taller, more muscular and grows spikes and allows the scarab to fight without Jaime's conscience as a restriction. This lets it fight more brutally. However, Jaime and the scarab do not like this and only resort to it in desperate situations.